We are introducing XP3, a London-based, data-driven, digital agency helping businesses save time, reduce costs and increase revenues.

London – 1st September 2023 – XP3 has officially launched today and is ready to set a new benchmark for digital agencies within the emerging technology landscape. There are defining moments in technology, giant paradigm shifts, that shape the world in ways we couldn’t even begin to imagine. The Internet in 1991, the iPhone in 2007, Bitcoin in 2009 and more recently ChatGPT in 2022. 

Blockchain technology, web3 and AI have already begun to change the world. Now that they have been made publicly available to everyone, it’s just a matter of time before they become ubiquitous in our daily behaviours. For those working in the technology space, we often imagine everyone is like us. We often think things like; “Everyone uses AI in their daily routine” or “Who doesn’t have a crypto wallet”. 

The trickle-down effect is still in its infancy. Metamask still has less than 30 million monthly active users. That’s a tiny percentage of the population and shows that this technology has yet to appeal to the masses. Whilst web3 has the potential to change the lives of billions of users, we’re still at the stage of having to prove to everyone that there is a meaningful reason to adopt the technology. 

That’s why we launched XP3. To create a digital agency that can help companies in these emerging technology fields find their true audience, and grow their reach across the world by telling their compelling vision and story to the masses. 

The digital landscape has changed significantly in the last 18 months. ChatGPT means anyone can create new and exciting opportunities. The only way to truly stand out is to build real relationships with your audience and customers. And the best way to do it is to have a digital strategy that is both data-driven and strategic. 

“Over the years, I have worked on hundreds of digital campaigns with global brands. From SMS and mobile ringtone campaigns in the early 2000s, through mobile web and mobile apps in the late 2000s until early 2010s, and then digital experiences for mobile, web, experiential and retail in the last decade. I can honestly say, there isn’t a more exciting time to be getting involved in digital campaigns. The playing field has never been so level and offered everyone, from startup to multinational, so many opportunities to truly engage with their audience in a meaningful way”

Des Tapaki, CEO of XP3. 

As part of our ongoing mission to help create more meaningful consumer experiences for our clients, we are also developing a new data platform that allows web3 projects, industries, and those looking to enter the space, to see and understand what the blockchain data is saying. We’ll be dropping more information on our new platform, UNDRSTND.IO soon. 

About XP3: 

We’re a London-based digital agency. We help our clients save time, reduce costs and increase revenues. Let’s work together on changing the 🌍riences for emerging technology companies.