It all started on a Sunday afternoon. My partner and I were bored and after a game of backgammon, we weren’t sure how to fill our time. 

“Let’s make up a game. What should we call it?” was the question. The first thing that popped into my mind was the word opposites, cause we were sitting opposite each other. 

“Great. What is the opposite of an elephant?” That threw me off a bit because that’s so random, but also funny because it could be anything, as long as the justification was there. So I started thinking and I came up with a mouse, which is something that is pretty small and doesn’t have a trunk and to be honest, in the back of my mind, I had all the cartoons showing an elephant being scared of a mouse. 

“A pug might be a better answer because they have a flatter face” was the response. 

A few games later the answers became even more ridiculous and funny. 

Building a GPT game

“How about we make an AI game out of this?”

I hadn’t even considered that and I am the techie out of the two of us! I thought this was such a cool challenge. 

I went onto ChatGPT and clicked on the create button that you can find under the explore GPTs section.

The setup was pretty easy. You are asked to enter a name, a description and instructions for your GPT.

Building a GPT game

Once you complete this setup, the builder provides an icon for your GPT, which you can use or upload your own and that’s it! You now have your GPT setup.

Previewing the game

The next step was to preview the game, by playing it and then giving further instructions to fine-tune it. The main points were that we wanted this to be funny with out-there answers to spark the imagination.

Building a GPT game

A few minutes later, the GPT was published to the GPT Store and it was available for anyone with ChatGPT4 access to play.

Throughout the fine-tuning, the builder kept updating the instructions making sure whoever was going to play this game, would know what to expect. 

Opposites is now part of our downtime. A couple of rounds usually puts a smile on our faces.

If you have access to ChatGPT4, have a go at building a GPT game. I am sure it will make you smile too!

Want to play? Click here for Opposites – the GPT game.